Revenue Sharing NFT

Are you looking to change the world? How about a way to turn your one-time purchase into passive cash rewards and benefits for life? Look no further than A Few Bad Newbies Revenue Sharing NFT! By buying and holding one of our 100,000 NFTs, you’ll automatically qualify for two chances to win our package prize of a $10,000 cash prize and a FREE Tesla Model Y, as well as a chance to win $1,000 every 100 NFT sales.

But the rewards don’t stop there. We’re dedicated to creating a Newbie Army of NFT Holders that mine platforms for ad revenue, sell merchandise, and gamble to generate revenue that’s distributed back to holders… Plus so much more!

50% of YouTube monetization, 50% of merchandise revenue, 20% of NFT sales, 20% of casino bet-losses, 35% video game profits, 10% from Advertising and Promotions fees, 10% from CustomContract sales, and 15% from Online Education profits all go back to holders. This means that by holding one of our NFTs, you have the potential to receive cash rewards every year on your one-time purchase. And the opportunity to control that ROI.

Our NFTs are available through the Rarible Marketplace over the Ethereum Mainnet, and connecting your wallet to any marketplace allows you to easily view and treat your NFT just like any other. But only holders of the NFT qualify for any of the membership benefits!

We’re offering 100,000 NFTs for sale, released in phases with an incremental price increase, each representing an equal share in the project’s allocation of financial facets into an exclusive revenue pool. As a holder of one of these tokens, you’ll have membership access to the success of our project and the potential to earn passive cash rewards as we grow.

Here’s how it works: We’ll be creating engaging content and encouraging the community of NFT holders to watch videos, buy merchandise, and more, generating views and revenue for the project. And, as the project generates income, a percentage will be distributed back to the NFT holders.

All shared revenue gets proportionately distributed to the NFT Holders as a membership only reward system; meaning you get rewarded with more claimable cash if you’re holding more of the NFT — starting when company income allows for each NFT to be redeemed for no less than $1,000 cash.

But that’s just the beginning. We’re also planning to build a fully-interactive video game and an internet TV network that will both generate even more engagement and revenue. And, our project will include an online casino as well with all concepts delegating percentages back to the Holders specific Revenue Pool.

We’re excited to bring our vision to life and can’t wait for you to be a part of it. Get in on the action now and become one of our early NFT holders. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be a part of something big.

This opportunity to join our community of NFT holders and reap the rewards of our efforts to grow and succeed in the esports circuit that’s only available through exclusive membership access is limited! Purchase your AFBN Revenue Sharing NFT today and join the growing army of Newbies.

Please be aware that this is a proposal, the potential income or returns mentioned is speculative purely based on belief in the community and before any kind of investment it is important to be aware of all the risks and market conditions.

You may be wondering, “Why?“, or, “What’s actually in it for me?” Well… The more watched, sold, gambled, played, or promoted… the more earned. AFBN Revenue Sharing. An NFT with a that Utility YOU Control. Let’s change the world as we Earn like a Pro.

Creator Note: All prizes are paid for out of, and from creator’s royalty pool. Which means that these raffles do not negatively affect NFT Holders’ membership passive cash rewards, but yet only come to fruition with sales. Examples as listed above, one package prize winner every 50,000 Sales & one $1,000 winner every 100 sales. This includes Revenue Sharing NFTs awarded as prizes or Give Aways. Must be holding to qualify.

Revenue Sharing NFT Supply

ETH100~ $50ERC-1155Rarible
ETH100~ $75ERC-1155 Rarible
ETH300~ $100ERC-1155Rarible
ETH200~ $150ERC-1155Rarible
ETH200~ $200ERC-1155Rarible
ETH100~ $225ERC-1155Rarible
ETH9,000~ $250ERC-1155Rarible
ETH40,000~ $275ERC-1155Rarible
ETH50,000~ $300ERC-1155Rarible

Membership Benefits

Revenue Sharing NFT = Membership Access

✅ Passive Cash Rewards for AFBN Success
✅ 1,000 chances at $1,000
✅ 2 chances at Tesla Model Y, $10k, & 1yr car insurance package prize.
TBA: Casino Coin Drops
TBA: Free / Early Access to NewbieVerse Game Play
TBA: Crypto Launch Air Drop

Phase 02 Concept View: Online Casino
Phase 03 Concept View: Video Game
PHASE 05 Dependent on 1-4 for View
Phase 06 Prep: Gaming Hotel
AFBN Accomplishments