Earn like a Pro

BSC NFT Contract: 0x4f83793245abe92cc8b978a16c898005c69e5e27
BSC TOKEN ID: Provided Upon Checkout

NFT you can buy with Credit or Debit Cards, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, G-Pay, or MetaMask that’s delivered through the BSC Blockchain… or using Ethereum Blockchain on the Rarible Marketplace, where each NFT acts as 1 equal share to displace revenue from several avenues of A Few Bad Newbies back to the holders as passive cash rewards regardless of the blockchain you prefer. 🔥🚀

Is that not enough incentive to show off diamond hands? Holding at least one NFT automatically qualifies you for two chances at the package prize of “$10,000 + FREE Telsa Model Y + 1 Year of Car Insurance Paid for in YOUR name” Raffle Give Away, and also an opportunity to partake in one thousand chances to win $1,000! Winner’s chosen and announced by wallet address on AFBN’s Twitter!!

All prizes are paid for out of, and from creator’s royalty pool. Which means that these raffles do not negatively affect NFT Holders’ passive cash rewards, but yet only come to fruition with sales. Examples as listed above, one package prize winner every 50,000 Sales & one $1,000 winner every 100 sales.

One Winner drawn every 50,000 NFT Sales. Two Winners Maximum. One entry maximum per raffle. No duplicate winners. Must have a valid driver’s license and be 18+.

NFTs are able to be viewed and treated just like any other by connecting your BSC or ETH wallet to ___ marketplace once purchased. But this is one NFT you’ll want to hold onto because you must be holding to qualify for any of the utility! Each raffle winner is to be drawn within 1 week of reaching NFT Sales Goal. First Package Prize Raffle will, in theory, be a 1 in 50,000 chance at winning while second raffle is a 1 in 100,000 chance. Similarly, NFT Holders will have a 1 in 100 chance at $1,000, 1 in 200 chance, 1 in 300 chance… etc. Early bird beats the odds. Winner must be holding NFT. Contestants must be holding NFT to qualify. Color of vehicle may vary. If Package Prize is Prohibited by territory or other means, $100,000 cash substitute will be awarded.

“Revenue Sharing NFT” – Explained

Our goal with AFBN Revenue Sharing NFT is to create a “mining pool” of NFT holders, but instead of mining for a cryptocurrency… We as a community will mine platforms for ad revenue, sell the Merchandise, game, and gamble.

With a total of 100,000 NFTs/Holders for our Mining Potential, we will easily have the numbers to jump start analytics very quickly on Merchandise, YouTube, NFT Sales, and to-be Casino use!

We have created our own version of a marketplace, where your purchased NFT gets transferred through the BSC Blockchain right to your wallet. Price of purchase includes a one-time Lazy Minting Fee.

We have also listed our project on the Rarible Marketplace, where we’ve limited BSC NFT Quantity to 10,000 in comparison to the Ethereum Blockchain having 90,000. Each NFT is still viewed as 1 equal share when talking about passive cash rewards and holds the same passive value regardless of Blockchain.

All shared revenue gets proportionately distributed to the NFT Holders as a reward system; meaning you passively get rewarded with more cash if you’re holding more of the NFT — starting when company income allows for each NFT to be redeemed for no less than $1,000 cash.

Where does the money go, and the content come from?”

Turning a one-time purchase of approximately $250 into passive 10x Cash Rewards just by holding an NFT on the blockchain is possible, and here’s how!

50% of Monetized Revenue from YouTube goes back to the holders. 35% goes into hiring new content creators, musicians, as well as making our own content and game… Which we will call “payroll”. 15% goes back into further development.

50% of Merchandise Revenue goes back to the holders. 30% goes back into further development. 20% goes to payroll.

20% of NFT Sales once sold out, goes back to the holders. 50% gets evenly split between payroll and further development. 30% goes to the NFT Original Seller.

20% of all Casino Bet-Losses, goes back to the holders, 10% goes into further development, 10% goes to payroll, and 60% goes back into the Casino Vault.

A Few Bad Newbies has been making strides to join the ranks of the eSports Circuit. Our sponsored “Pro” gamers will be assisting with video content in due time. Until then, and even after… The better we do as an organization, the more there is to potentially gain!

The Vision

100,000 people each holding 1 NFT…
Each watch one video 10 times, which generates 1m views and gets posted on viral page…
That one single video just made $10,000+.

Each holder inspiring 5 Merchandise Item sales is roughly $2,500,000 to be shared.

Everyone finding someone to deposit & lose $20 in an Online Casino is roughly $5,000,000 to be shared.

Everything, even the NFT Sales themselves, has a set percentage allocated back to the NFT/Share Holders.

We are hoping that numerous exposures by everyone else who isn’t an investor, will help double or triple the analytics to assist in NFT Holder profits passive cash rewards.

As income generates, we will hire proper content creators of all styles and origins and everything will be properly categorized for ease of access right from our website.

In addition to community growth and additional content we will be building a NewbieVerse, where YouTube embeds generate additional analytics in a fully interactive AR/VR open world PVE style game that uses a Crypto of our own creation to make both in-game and in real life purchases while still logged in.

Also displayed in the roadmap is an internet TV Network that’s compatible with Roku, SmartTV, and other such devices to again–further assist the analytics. Did we mention that there’s gonna be an online Casino? We’re excited.

What is expected from NFT holders?”

Subscribe to and Follow all AFBN Revenue Sharing NFT socials. The links are above! After that, we proudly leave the control up to you! And here’s how…

  1. Watch, and rewatch all videos.
  2. Like all of the videos.
  3. Comment on all videos.
  4. Share all videos.
  5. Sell the Merchandise.
  6. Enjoy the Casino.
  7. Promote the Empire and Grow the Community!
  8. Be Active in our Discord and on our Twitter.
  9. Remember that passive cash rewards is but ONE aspect of A Few Bad Newbies.. Without YOU then WE do not grow—so when we excel, you do too!!

You may be wondering, “Why?“, or, “What’s actually in it for me?” Well… The more watched, sold, gambled, played, or promoted… the more earned. We pay cash to NFT holders instead of Crypto, removing the possibility of deeply garnished earnings from transfer & withdrawal fees, so that the only gas that needs to be considered is… Well, there are none!

AFBN Revenue Sharing. An NFT with Utility YOU Control. Let’s change the world as we Earn like a Pro.

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AFBN Revenue Sharing NFT Whitepaper
A Few Bad Newbies Roadmap
Binance Smart Chain Explained

What is the Binance smart chain network?
BSC is a new smart contract platform launched by Binance based on the Go Ethereum (Geth) client, making it compatible with blockchain apps developed for the Ethereum network. It is, however, much cheaper and faster to run the same apps on BSC than on Ethereum.

How is Binance Smart Chain different from Ethereum?
Despite Binance forking the Geth client to create BSC, it made major changes to improve it and offered something different from what was already available. One of the differences involves using the PoSA consensus mechanism instead of Proof of Work (PoW) which contributes to the faster network speed and cheaper transaction costs. BSC is also more centralized than Ethereum, thanks to its PoSA consensus model. Finally, BSC uses BNB as a native token while Ethereum uses ETH.

Which wallets support Binance Smart Chain?
To interact with the dApps on BSC, you need a crypto wallet that supports the network. The more common wallets that can do this include:

  • Binance Chain wallet
  • Trust Wallet
  • Metamask
  • Math Wallet
  • My Ether Wallet (MEW)
  • ImToken
  • Trezor
  • Ledger, etc.

90 Thousand NFTs Available on Rarible